3D Boxebriefs

YARTS is the underwear shop to sell the world from Hachinohe Aomori Japan.
 Original Brand is MSPEC Men's 3D Crotch Relief Underwear. Designed by Yasutada Miura. Manufactured and Sold by YARTS.
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 3D Boxerbriefs


Miyuki illustration 1 MSPEC Men's underwear
MSPEC Men's 3D Underwear

・Knit Boxers
・Lowrise Boxerbriefs
・Boxerbriefs Long
・Momohiki (Spats)
・Turned Boxerbriefs
・Long Boxers
・Silk Boxerbriefs
・Bandage Stretch Gauze Hem
・Urine-absorbing Boxerbriefs
・3D Urine-absorbing Pad

3D Boxerbriefs

MSPEC Men's 3D-Crotch Boxerbriefs
3D Boxerbriefs (3D Trunks)
3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Pink 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Graymoku Pink 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Violet 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) White 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Graymoku 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Black 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Beige 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Red 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Navy 3D Boxerbriefs (Open front) Ivy green

3D Boxerbriefs

It sells well in Japan.
3D Boxerbriefs (Open front)
Cotton 100%.
Open Front.
Made in Japan.
The crotch area is spacious.
3-dimensional structure.
Feel invigorated.
Non-restricted Comfort on the Crotch Area!!
Japan technology.
Japanese patent No.5120755.
YARTS original-goods.
Upgrade your comfort !!
MSPEC is invented by a Japanese underwear designer Mr. Yasutada Miura for the comfort of all men.

 Goods information

3D Boxerbriefs

 Brand  MSPEC 
 Item  3D Boxerbriefs ( Open front ) 
Size (cm) 
 Size S  M  L  LL  3L  4L
 Weist  68〜76 76〜84 84〜92 92〜100 100〜108  108〜116
 Elastic  60  67  74  81  88   95
The way of
choosing a size
 The elastic of 10 - 20 cm of negatives is good from your waist. 
 Long. Short. Choose the length of elastic in your taste. 
 We suggest a size above to intermediate-size you. 
 Cloth  Cotton 100% / 30or40 Cotton knit fraise (with soft finish) 
 Elastic  Nylon83% Polyurethane11% Polyester6% Width30mm 
 Washing label  メンズ洗濯表示 
 40℃ washing machine Chloric Sarashi Dry cleaning Shade drying 
 Place of origin  Made in Japan 
 Brand  MSPEC Crotch Relief Men's Underwear MSPEC Crotch Relief Men's Underwear 

3D Boxerbriefs

MSPEC Men's Underwear Sizing Chart

The characteristic of the MSPEC men's underwear
The characteristic of the MSPEC Men's 3D-Crotch Underwear
Japanese patent No.5120755

3D Boxerbriefs

3D! MSPEC Crotch Relief Men's Underwear
MSPEC Men's 3D-Crotch Underwear

Feel Refreshed!! Comfortable on the Crotch Area!!
The 5 Comforts
@  Perfect body fit
A  No shifting to one side
B  Breathable
C  Moisture-absorbing
D  Freedom to move

3D Boxerbriefs

 ▼Payment 3D Boxerbriefs  ▼Company
We accept payment by PayPal.
●Total bill amount is : Total price of items + shipping fee.
●We will ship after the payment is settled.
13-7, Kamogaike, Uruichi, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori,
031-0073 Japan
TEL & FAX : (+81) 0178-45-6400
Person in charge : Yasutada Miura
E-mail : office@yarts.jp
 ▼About the returning 3D Boxerbriefs  ▼Postage
●Any return or refund will not be accepted for overseas delivery
once order confirmation e-mail is sent out.
We ship goods by the Japan post.